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Paul Beare back in Auckland | Helping kiwi company’s fly to the UK

2018-02-23T09:38:02+00:00 February 23 rd, 2018|Setting up in the UK|

Thinking of taking your business to the world stage? Start with the UK. Paul Beare will be back in New Zealand in April 2018, helping more Kiwi Company's setup in the UK. With so many reasons to pick the UK to base your European operation, it is crucial to engage expert advice. We're also co-running [...]

1. Choose a trusted advisor

2018-02-18T17:32:41+00:00 February 14 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

Choose a trusted advisor to help you research the UK and European market as opportunities can be a minefield. In order to make sure you are getting the most appropriate advice, you need to talk to the right people. Ask yourself if they are a UK national or someone with experience of working in or [...]

Top 10 tips for UK setup

2018-02-20T10:00:00+00:00 February 14 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

We have created our list of Top 10 tips for UK setup as we are often asked "what should we be considering when setting up in the UK", or "what do we need to have in place to setup in the UK". Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing these articles with a view [...]

Paul attends #IRLisbon18 DealMakers conference

2018-02-12T10:06:21+00:00 February 12 th, 2018|UK Legal|

Having had possibly one of the longest journey's to Lisbon out of all attendees, Paul arrived in Lisbon after a short stop in London having left Auckland at the beginning of the week. Copenhagen was also visited briefly. This culminated in one of the regular meetings of International Referral members at the Dealmakers conference [...]

Remember Remember, 5th November…Gunpowder…Treason…

2017-11-05T19:55:18+00:00 November 5 th, 2017|UK General|

...and Plot! 5th November has been celebrated in the UK for years, but why? Guy Fawkes was born in York in 1570. He preferred to be called Guido after a ten year period of fighting for the Spanish Catholic cause. English Catholics were being persecuted, and Guy among 12 other men in 1605 decided the [...]

Checklist for opening a UK bank account for an overseas company

2017-10-13T11:18:35+00:00 October 9 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

There is no precise “how to open a UK bank account for overseas owned companies” handbook. Unfortunately, it is often easier for UK banks to decline to open an account, than it is to complete the hurdles and internal challenges they face from a compliance perspective. Below, we have prepared a checklist for opening a [...]

Paul Beare – Berlin – September 2017 #IRBerlin17

2017-08-31T09:15:20+00:00 August 31 st, 2017|Setting up in the UK|

We are delighted to announce that Paul Beare will be visiting Berlin in September as part of the IR Global conference series. This follows previous successful events in Singapore, San Francisco, Brussels, Miami, Dubai and Shanghai. It will be a group of 100 like-minded accountants, lawyers and financial service specialists in attendance from over 40 jurisdictions. [...]

UK VAT Registration for online businesses

2017-08-10T15:14:08+00:00 August 10 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK, UK Accounting, UK Legal, UK Tax|

HMRC's more rigorous approach to company's that need UK VAT Registration for online businesses set a precedent earlier this month (1 August 2017) with eBay resulting in customers no longer contracting with eBay Europe in Luxembourg, but now trading with eBay (UK) Ltd. This meant for the customers of eBay (UK) Ltd, that VAT will [...]

Paul Beare Ltd working with Singapore companies setting up in the UK

2017-07-22T20:00:59+00:00 April 26 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK|

We are pleased to announce that Paul Beare will be returning to Asia further supporting Singapore based companies setting up in the UK. Paul will be speaking at The British High Commission to potential and current inbound UK start-ups. The presentation “Doing Business in the UK: Practical points for setting up in the UK economy, tax [...]