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Banking Secrets – The Importance Of Timing

2019-11-15T17:00:30+01:00November 15 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK|

An occasional series offering a peek behind the scenes of your business’s most important partners.    Wendy Trincas, expert on small business issues at Paul Beare Ltd, explains why it’s important to get your timing right.   “It may sometimes seem that banks are faceless corporations with little feeling for the challenges your business faces. Despite their [...]

Western Australia’s startup scene sees a boost

2019-11-08T09:04:31+01:00November 6 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK|

The links between western Australian businesses and the UK are well established, but the types of company now looking to expand in the UK has seen a real change in recent years.   WA has traditionally been the heartland of the country’s mining industry, making Perth an international hub for the extractive industries. However in recent [...]

The Office Christmas Party – The Tax Rules

2019-11-07T18:41:55+01:00November 5 th, 2019|UK General, UK Tax|

It might seem that the office Christmas party would be one area of business life where the taxman would fear to tread. However, HMRC is in fact interested in making sure companies adhere to the correct tax treatment for their annual shindig. The rules surrounding the expenditure and tax liability of your party are actually [...]

Dutch Courage

2019-11-01T16:24:21+01:00November 1 st, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

This year’s IR Global Conference in Amsterdam had as its theme the idea of storytelling, and it was certainly apt. The narrative running through the event was clear: clients’ needs are always evolving, and only by working together to share ideas and insights can practices remain ready to deliver on their promises. “This year’s conference [...]

Ease of doing business survey

2019-11-01T16:24:13+01:00October 31 st, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

The UK’s place in the world is under a spotlight at the moment. It’s not just Brexit - although that thorny question is dominating much discussion in offices, pubs and dinner tables across the country. The UK is also wrestling with what kind of country it wants to be - aligned with Europe or more [...]

CeBIT Sydney 2019

2019-11-07T18:45:15+01:00October 7 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK|

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to shorter days and colder nights. But for those heading to Sydney at the end of the October, the main preoccupation will be the 2019 CeBIT conference.   As usual the conference aims to bring together some of the world’s leading tech companies to talk about the latest ideas that are [...]

Setting up a UK company: Accountant or lawyer?

2019-09-26T08:11:28+01:00September 26 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General, UK Legal|

It’s an interesting question: should you use an accountant or lawyer to set up a UK company? Under UK law, both kinds of regulated professionals can serve this function, so understanding how they differ may be helpful.      In order to help your set up process, both accountants and lawyers will need to undertake the necessary checks: namely the anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks.  […]

IR Global Amsterdam 2019 – see you there!

2019-09-10T21:32:50+01:00September 10 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

This October will see the latest IR Global conference, this year hosted in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Paul Beare and the team will be in attendance, raring to go. We’ve had an exciting year so far: new clients, new challenges, new opportunities.  The UK team has grown, adding to our ability to help our clients in their [...]