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Techwatch February 2020

2020-02-22T13:37:35+01:00February 21 st, 2020|UK General|

The first of a new series focusing on the tech trends driving your future business. This month: The Internet of Things, a computing concept where every day physical objects are connected to the internet with the ability to interact with each other.   In 1982, a modified Coca-Cola drinks vending machine became the first internet-connected appliance. [...]

Fail to plan, plan to fail 

2020-02-11T18:28:50+01:00February 9 th, 2020|Top 10 tips for UK setup, UK General|

‘Plans are useless; planning is essential’ - Dwight Eisenhower  There can’t have been many logistical triumphs to rival D-Day, so the man who brought it all together is probably worth listening on the subject of planning.   Eisenhower’s genius was to recognize that no plan, no matter how well-conceived, will survive contact with the enemy. There [...]

Maternity pay – what UK firms need to know 

2020-01-24T15:53:44+01:00January 27 th, 2020|UK Legal, UK Payroll|

One of the more surprising aspects of employing staff in the UK is the regime governing maternity benefits. As part of the government’s desire to equalize the gender pay gap as well as making it easier for women to return to work, statutory maternity pay is a key cornerstone of UK employment law.    And, like [...]

Paul Beare Ltd heads to IR Global Miami

2020-01-16T10:04:53+01:00January 16 th, 2020|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

If it’s January then it must be time for the latest IR Global ‘On the Road’ event, and the first 2020 engagement takes place in Miami. And Paul Beare will be there, as his globetrotting reaches new heights.   “The Miami event is a really well timed one,” Paul says, who is currently in New Zealand. [...]

Hire power: how to get your new employee set up right 

2020-01-14T23:17:15+01:00January 14 th, 2020|Setting up in the UK, UK General, UK Payroll|

Taking on your first new employee is an exciting milestone for any business. It means not just that help is on the way but also that the business is taking another step in its growth. And fresh blood means new ideas and energy.    However, it is worth pointing out that, for UK companies at least, employing [...]

Auto-enrolment:  A guide to UK pensions 

2020-01-16T10:05:06+01:00January 10 th, 2020|UK Legal, UK Payroll|

Although businesses in the UK have had a few years to get used to the concept of pensions auto-enrolment, some confusion remains: what is it, how does it work, what does it mean for me? And that confusion is often mirrored by employees themselves, who are sometimes left unsure as to what commitments they have [...]

The end of the beginning

2019-12-22T10:09:30+01:00December 20 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

So, at last, after three and half years, one referendum, two general elections and more parliamentary votes than anyone can care to remember, the UK has finally settled the Question of Brexit.   Boris Johnson’s comprehensive victory in last week’s General Election means that we can now be sure that, whatever follows, the UK will begin [...]