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The effect of vishing on small businesses

2020-03-31T15:15:30+01:00March 27 th, 2020|UK General|

The growth of digital tools has allowed thousands of small businesses to scale up at a relatively low cost. The development of cloud-based solutions, in particular, have proved a game-changer for those looking to find new markets without taking on unnecessary costs.  But with that growth has come more vulnerability, as cyber crime continues to threaten ...

Coronavirus: The impact to UK businesses

2020-03-19T16:43:40+01:00March 19 th, 2020|UK General|

The coronavirus is beginning to have, at the time of writing, a genuine, significant and growing impact on UK businesses. It’s a fast-moving and dynamic situation that requires almost minute by minute updates, but earlier this week, (March 17) UK chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled an unprecedented package of measures designed to support various parts of ...

Employment Allowance increases from April 2020

2020-03-13T16:46:14+01:00March 13 th, 2020|UK Payroll|

With the budget announced on Wednesday, we’ve all had time to consider how our businesses will be affected by the changes put in place. One of these will be the increase in employment allowance from April 2020. The employment allowance was introduced back in 2014 and was first introduced as relief of up to £2,000 ...

Coronavirus: The possible impact to your staff

2020-03-09T21:03:07+01:00March 9 th, 2020|UK General|

It’s impossible to ignore the current Coronavirus crisis. As the details of the scale, intensity, and scope of the outbreak continue to emerge, it’s becoming increasingly clear that even a best-case scenario outcome will have some significant impact on businesses.   There are already thousands of articles out there about the various impacts, but for small ...

Taking off in the UK: The rise of the Fintech

2020-03-03T17:53:05+01:00March 2 nd, 2020|Setting up in the UK|

The future of banking has never been more exciting: the rise of the Fintech across the world means that for many businesses and individuals, the way they use their bank will change forever. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the fintech sector has become one of the world’s fastest-growing areas of commerce.    “It’s ...

Open Banking: bringing greater transparency to the banking industry

2020-03-03T17:41:22+01:00February 28 th, 2020|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

It didn’t generate much attention, but last month marked the second anniversary of what some have called the biggest shakeup in the UK’s banking system for half a century.   January 10th, 2018 saw the launch of Open Banking, an initiative designed to bring greater transparency to the banking industry and promote more freedom of movement ...

How to build the winning team

2020-03-03T17:29:47+01:00February 24 th, 2020|UK General, UK Legal|

The US basketball coach Phil Jackson was famous for his aphorisms, especially those that explained his skill at creating effective teams that managed to combine a range of personality types. So when Jackson said, "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team,” he knew what he ...

Techwatch February 2020

2020-02-22T13:37:35+01:00February 21 st, 2020|UK General|

The first of a new series focusing on the tech trends driving your future business. This month: The Internet of Things, a computing concept where every day physical objects are connected to the internet with the ability to interact with each other.   In 1982, a modified Coca-Cola drinks vending machine became the first internet-connected appliance. ...