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IR Global London 2018 – see you there

2019-11-07T18:48:03+01:00September 24 th, 2018|Setting up in the UK|

The October IR Global London conference will be hosted in our hometown of London next month. Paul Beare and our latest team member, Glenda Tickle - will be in attendance. Glenda joined our firm earlier this year having recently been a victim of the RBS branch closures. She is our newly created Relationship Manager – [...]

An overview of UK payroll costs

2018-08-14T15:56:49+01:00August 14 th, 2018|UK General, UK Payroll, UK Tax|

Calculating UK payroll for your employees should not be taken lightly. The employee will suffer if the correct calculation and methodology including previous UK experience is not applied. We look at providing an overview of UK payroll costs, taken from a typical payroll summary spreadsheet we provide to our clients, and break it down – [...]

Setting up in the UK for Australian exporters

2018-08-08T17:45:31+01:00August 8 th, 2018|Setting up in the UK, UK Legal|

With the UK business culture being very similar to Australia, now has never been a more poignant time for Australian companies to export their products and services to the UK market.   Introduction With the UK is a member of the European Union (EU) and is subject to EU trade regulatory requirements. However on the [...]

Top 5 reasons why companies are setting up in the UK

2018-08-02T09:21:36+01:00August 2 nd, 2018|Setting up in the UK|

Foreign Direct Investment is as ever popular with the UK market. There are a number of reasons for this, but we are seeing a constant flurry of companies setting up in the UK because:- Ease of doing business. Sure, it can be difficult to open a bank account unless you’ve got the right documentation in [...]

Will being physically present help open my UK bank account?

2018-08-12T13:14:11+01:00July 31 st, 2018|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

This is for a UK company to open a UK based bank account. As with many bank account opening matters, it is not a simple question around whether it would be beneficial to be present to be in the UK to open an account. The main question when opening a bank account is do you [...]

Car allowance vs mileage allowance for UK employees

2018-07-28T17:24:55+01:00July 28 th, 2018|Setting up in the UK, UK Payroll|

For those employers who wish to offer a car allowance to their UK based employees, there is a strict differentiator between a car allowance (which is processed on a monthly basis and subject to PAYE and calculated through payroll) and mileage reimbursement. The Car allowance vs mileage allowance for UK employees usually happens at the [...]

Producing UK dormant accounts for a UK company in USD/EUR

2018-07-15T10:32:53+01:00July 14 th, 2018|UK Accounting, UK Tax|

We are asked periodically about producing dormant accounts in the UK for UK company where the accounts currency is in either USD or EUR. Other currencies can of course be used. What constitutes a dormant company? Simply put this is a company that has been no transactions on the bank statement apart from perhaps a [...]

What must a UK VAT invoice show?

2018-07-11T08:07:16+01:00July 10 th, 2018|UK Tax|

For those company's that are raising sales invoices, we are often asked during the initial setup stage - what must a UK VAT invoice show? There are standard and expected points that the invoice should show. Assuming you are VAT registered and you sell goods and/or services to somebody else that is VAT registered (be [...]

7. Finding Key UK Staff: a benefits package

2018-04-22T20:14:25+01:00April 24 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

You may already have found the first hire to implement the set-up. If done through a personal network, the person may be good, although his recommendation is necessarily subjective. If using a recruitment company, then their advice and reference checking would be useful, but unless on a retained basis, their main aim may be to [...]