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Top 10 tips for UK setup

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Top 10 tips for UK setup. An overview of the key considerations and thoughts an overseas company should consider when setting up in the UK.

Fail to plan, plan to fail 

2020-02-11T18:28:50+01:00February 9 th, 2020|Top 10 tips for UK setup, UK General|

‘Plans are useless; planning is essential’ - Dwight Eisenhower  There can’t have been many logistical triumphs to rival D-Day, so the man who brought it all together is probably worth listening on the subject of planning.   Eisenhower’s genius was to recognize that no plan, no matter how well-conceived, will survive contact with the enemy. There ...

Australia embraces the British Market

2019-12-14T17:26:32+01:00December 13 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, Top 10 tips for UK setup|

As part of his work helping Australian companies make the leap to setting up in the UK, earlier this week Paul Beare hosted two separate workshops, one in Sydney, the other in Melbourne. Both were held in collaboration with the UK’s Department of International Trade, which sent along team members to support and answer any ...

7. Finding Key UK Staff: a benefits package

2018-04-22T20:14:25+01:00April 24 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

You may already have found the first hire to implement the set-up. If done through a personal network, the person may be good, although his recommendation is necessarily subjective. If using a recruitment company, then their advice and reference checking would be useful, but unless on a retained basis, their main aim may be to ...

6. Terms of business (terms of sale)

2018-04-15T06:56:26+01:00March 22 nd, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

You will instruct UK lawyers to prepare the UK Terms of Business setting out your terms and conditions, which are usually subject to UK law. They should be as clear and succinct as possible, preferably able to be printed on the back of one sheet of A4 paper. Should an overseas parent seek to impose ...

5. UK Taxes – an overview

2018-03-14T20:00:22+01:00March 13 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

Taxation matters are dealt with by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). There are thousands of pages of tax legislation, but no general anti-avoidance rules. There is generally no system of prior clearance regarding the tax treatment of a particular event or procedure, although there are telephone helplines that can provide verbal advice. However, unless ...

4. The ideal business entity

2018-03-12T11:08:52+01:00March 8 th, 2018|Setting up in the UK, Top 10 tips for UK setup|

For overseas companies the two main choices are between a Subsidiary or a Branch (often referred to as an overseas company). A Subsidiary is a company in its own right and requires the establishment of a UK registered company. Most foreign companies set up a ‘private limited company’ that becomes a subsidiary of the foreign ...

3. The right business model

2018-02-28T16:51:17+01:00February 28 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup, UK General|

Many companies decide to invest overseas when they have established an export trade and a customer base. But has appropriate thought been given to the right business model? So the first step could be to use a British agent and/or distributor if you are selling product, depending upon whether sales will be as the principal ...

1. Choose a trusted advisor

2018-02-18T17:32:41+01:00February 14 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup|

Choose a trusted advisor to help you research the UK and European market as opportunities can be a minefield. In order to make sure you are getting the most appropriate advice, you need to talk to the right people. Ask yourself if they are a UK national or someone with experience of working in or ...