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IR Global Amsterdam 2019 – see you there!

2019-09-10T21:32:50+01:00September 10 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

This October will see the latest IR Global conference, this year hosted in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Paul Beare and the team will be in attendance, raring to go. We’ve had an exciting year so far: new clients, new challenges, new opportunities.  The UK team has grown, adding to our ability to help our clients in their [...]

An overview of UK payroll costs

2018-08-14T15:56:49+01:00August 14 th, 2018|UK General, UK Payroll, UK Tax|

Calculating UK payroll for your employees should not be taken lightly. The employee will suffer if the correct calculation and methodology including previous UK experience is not applied. We look at providing an overview of UK payroll costs, taken from a typical payroll summary spreadsheet we provide to our clients, and break it down – [...]

Will being physically present help open my UK bank account?

2018-08-12T13:14:11+01:00July 31 st, 2018|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

This is for a UK company to open a UK based bank account. As with many bank account opening matters, it is not a simple question around whether it would be beneficial to be present to be in the UK to open an account. The main question when opening a bank account is do you [...]

What is a Person with Significant Control in the UK?

2018-04-01T05:52:37+01:00April 2 nd, 2018|UK General|

When a new company is registered with Companies House, you need to note who should go on the PSC Register. This is a publicly accessible database, listing who the Person with Significant Control is/are. There could be more than one individual, corporate entity or trust – we look at this in further detail below. For [...]

3. The right business model

2018-02-28T16:51:17+01:00February 28 th, 2018|Top 10 tips for UK setup, UK General|

Many companies decide to invest overseas when they have established an export trade and a customer base. But has appropriate thought been given to the right business model? So the first step could be to use a British agent and/or distributor if you are selling product, depending upon whether sales will be as the principal [...]

Remember Remember, 5th November…Gunpowder…Treason…

2018-04-15T06:46:08+01:00November 5 th, 2017|UK General|

...and Plot! 5th November has been celebrated in the UK for years, but why? Guy Fawkes was born in York in 1570. He preferred to be called Guido after a ten year period of fighting for the Spanish Catholic cause. English Catholics were being persecuted, and Guy among 12 other men in 1605 decided the [...]

Checklist for opening a UK bank account for an overseas company

2018-04-15T06:45:06+01:00October 9 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK, UK General|

There is no precise “how to open a UK bank account for overseas owned companies” handbook. Unfortunately, it is often easier for UK banks to decline to open an account, than it is to complete the hurdles and internal challenges they face from a compliance perspective. Below, we have prepared a checklist for opening a [...]

What is a Confirmation Statement in the UK?

2018-04-01T05:25:46+01:00April 12 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK, UK General, UK Legal|

The Confirmation Statement in the UK (form CS01) was previously known as the Annual Return (form AR01) – but it also captures other data that must be filed. It is a report containing accurate and up-to-date information about a limited company on a certain date. It is also a requirement for LLP’s (limited liability partnerships) [...]

Bill English attracts attention – New Zealand companies setting up in the UK

2017-07-22T20:08:14+01:00January 14 th, 2017|Setting up in the UK, UK General, UK Legal|

The (recently appointed) New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English met with his UK counterpart - Theresa May at 10 Downing Street London yesterday. High on the agenda – New Zealand companies setting up in the UK and what would happen as a result of the UK Brexit move. May and English have had preliminary conversations [...]

International Accountants in London – a global outreach

2016-11-18T12:15:17+01:00May 10 th, 2016|UK General, UK Legal|

As a firm of International Accountants in London, we know many of our clients and potential clients are often looking at setting up in the UK with a view to running their European operations out of London. I previously wrote about Why Networking is important to Paul Beare last year and of our membership of IR Global. [...]