Setting up your US Company in the UK

We have substantial experience with US companies setting up in the UK.

We take time and patience with you to ensure you are aware of the UK requirements, and your obligations in terms of on-going compliance and responsibilities.

We support you right from the outset with advice on the different legal entities, such as subsidiary in the UK or a branchopening the bank account, all the way through to ongoing support and advisory services regarding VAT returns, payroll and yearly accounts.

Our service is two fold – we support the UK based team, those who are engaged to promote and sell your product/services here, while being answerable and responsible to the parent company team.

Some of the services we offer include:

UK regulatory compliance burden is removed by utilising our support services to ensure these matters are dealt with efficiently, resulting in increased time for you to focus on sales for the UK operation so it continues to grow.

Leave us to what we’re good at, and we’ll leave you to promoting and selling your service and product offering.