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Auto-enrolment:  A guide to UK pensions 

2020-01-16T10:05:06+01:00January 10 th, 2020|UK Legal, UK Payroll|

Although businesses in the UK have had a few years to get used to the concept of pensions auto-enrolment, some confusion remains: what is it, how does it work, what does it mean for me? And that confusion is often mirrored by employees themselves, who are sometimes left unsure as to what commitments they have [...]

Setting up a UK company: Accountant or lawyer?

2019-09-26T08:11:28+01:00September 26 th, 2019|Setting up in the UK, UK General, UK Legal|

It’s an interesting question: should you use an accountant or lawyer to set up a UK company? Under UK law, both kinds of regulated professionals can serve this function, so understanding how they differ may be helpful.      In order to help your set up process, both accountants and lawyers will need to undertake the necessary checks: namely the anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks.  […]

Self Employed UK: Expenditure and Allowances

2018-04-22T19:55:20+01:00April 22 nd, 2018|UK Tax|

When it comes to working from home, it can be difficult to decide what you should and should not be claiming for. As a rule, any expenditure incurred that is wholly and necessary for the purpose of the business is allowable. It should not be capital expenditure or private, although there are allowances available for [...]

What is a Person with Significant Control in the UK?

2018-04-01T05:52:37+01:00April 2 nd, 2018|UK General|

When a new company is registered with Companies House, you need to note who should go on the PSC Register. This is a publicly accessible database, listing who the Person with Significant Control is/are. There could be more than one individual, corporate entity or trust – we look at this in further detail below. For [...]

Employment at Will in the UK

2017-07-22T20:05:59+01:00December 16 th, 2016|Setting up in the UK, UK Legal|

We were recently asked to provide UK payroll services to a West-Coast company taking on their first employee in the UK. We scheduled an initial discussion with that company, a software/technology firm in the Bay area, to find out more about their intentions and what was being offered to the UK hire. They knew about [...]

Does my UK operation need an audit?

2016-08-14T17:36:04+01:00October 9 th, 2015|Setting up in the UK, UK Legal|

A main question we are asked is whether the UK operation need’s an audit. The threshold for compulsory filing of audited financial statements rose on 6 April 2015 to those businesses with a turnover of £10.2 million or more for periods commencing from 1 January 2016. This is part of a new European Commission directive [...]

Director’s duties for a UK Company

2018-02-25T13:11:28+01:00August 13 th, 2015|UK Legal|

The duties of UK company directors have previously evolved through statute and subsequent case law. The Companies Act 2006 embraces case law and requires directors follow courses of action that should be in the best interests of the UK company. This should ultimately lead to the development and success of the company. Directors must not act in [...]